We have made a lot of videos in our time! Check out our recent highlights.


If you run a wedding/party band, an acoustic duo, a live music experience, etc. then having a showreel can be a great way of showcasing yourself to booking agents, management and venue owners, which should help you land new gigs and work. At Brooker Films, we have worked with many bands, groups and artists to create showreels. They take no longer than one day to film (with the average videoshoot being between 4-8 hours) and the turnaround time with editing is no more than a few weeks.


Regardless of what type of business you run, video can help market your company and attract new customers. In fact, studies show that using videos to promote your business helps to boost conversions and sales. It can also help you build trust with your potential customers, Google loves video as well so you will experience greater SEO results with video, video is easy to consume (would you rather read an article or simply watch a two minute video? ..studies show that 68% of people would rather watch a video!), plus video is social media friendly and really shareable.

So, video is important! And you wouldn't be here if you weren't interested in exploring the possibilities of video, so let's work together and create a video campaign that will help you and your business. We can create interview-led content or focus on creating montage based videos (with the option of using voice over to explain.)


Dance is visual and the way that a dance video is filmed should be visually pleasing, too. It should add an extra layer to the choreography. Boring, static wide shots don't add anything. At Brooker Films, we believe that the camera should be an extension of the choreography. We take great pride in our dance videos and how the camera moves around the dancers is important to highlight specific parts of choreography. The first videos that we filmed (way before Brooker Films become what it is today) were dance videos and that passion remains today.

So, if you are looking to capture your dance video in an exciting way, get in touch and we'll start discussing how we can bring your vision to life.


Are you a singer? Or are you in a band?

...If so, music videos are a great way to compliment your music. Listening to music is great, but you can round off the experience and create a visually pleasing music video to tell a story, accentuate your message or build a strong brand or connection with your fans. Not forgetting that having a music video is great for marketing. Having a music video allows you to reach a larger audience and use the footage to create assets across all of your social media channels. So, if you're interested in creating a music video, get in touch and we'll explore how we can bring your vision to life.

But why trust us? Well, here at Brooker Films, we have created hundreds of music videos for artists and bands at all different stages in their career. We have accumulated over 20,000,000 YouTube views across our music videos and our work has been seen on TV, all over the world. These channels include BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, MTV, etc.

Check out our music video showreel and some of our previous music videos below.


We've filmed so much! Our top four types of videos to make are band showreels, corporate, dance and music videos, but we have filmed how to videos, adverts, TV Ads, short films, documentaries, live shows and much more!