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If you run a wedding band, party band, an acoustic duo, a live music experience, etc. then having a showreel can be a great way of showcasing yourself to booking agents, management and venue owners, which should help you land new gigs and work.

At Brooker Films, we have worked with many bands, groups and artists to create showreels. They take no longer than one day to film (with the average videoshoot being between 4-8 hours) and the turnaround time with editing is no more than a few weeks.

If you're looking to create your showreel, get in touch and we'll make it happen! Please check out our performance showreel below and some of the videos that we have previously produced.


1. How does it work?

Drop us a message using the form below (or send en amil to and we will discuss your needs. Once you're happy and ready to proceed, we'll get a date booked in for filming.

Filming takes anywhere between 4-8 hours, depending on how many tracks you're looking to film. We film each track 4-8 times, performing to your pre-recordfed audio files. This allows us to capture our wides, mid shots and closeups of each member/musician. We keep repeating this process for every track until we get everything filmed.

After a great day of filminh, we take the footage away and edit a first draft for you. This will usually be ready within one week. From there, you can send your amendments, notes, comments and we'll get to work on the next version of the video for you and we keep repeating this process until everyone is happy. We then export the video in full quality and send you a download link.

2. Can you capture sound on location?

Yes, we can. We have enough sound equipment to capture sound for a small to mid-sized setup. For larger setups, we would recomend pre-recording your audio with a specialist.

Quick note: Some locations may not have the best acoustics. For example, a large wedding barn may look beautiful, but all of those hard surfaces would create alot of reverb and capturing sound in that location wouldn't produce the best results. We want you to impress booking agents, venues, etc. and having 'ok' audio isn't going to cut it. We would always advise you to capture your audio beforehand (in sound treated room) to ensure you get the best possible audio. Then we can focus on getting a beautiful video, without worrying about the acoustics of the location. But, if you're going for that 'live sound', we can definitely offer on-location sound recording.

3. Do you also offer photography?

Yes, we do! You're on location, in your performance outfit, in a beautiful venue with great lighting, why not get some photos in the setup aswell? This is something that we can offer at no additional cost. Just make sure to let us know you want this when you get in touch.

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