How to Edit 'Title Pack: Premiere Pro'

Importing and editing your title animation presets is quick, easy and works seamlessly with Premiere Pro's Essential Graphics panel.

Step One

Change your workspace to 'Graphics'. Alternatively, go to 'Window' and enable 'Essential Graphics'.

Step Two

Navigate to the bottom right corner of the 'Essential Graphics' panel and press the button/icon.

Step Three

Navigate to the 'MOGRT Files' folder in your finder/documents.

Step Four

Select an MOGRT file and select 'Open'.

Tip: You can go to the 'Preview Files - GIF' folder to view all available presets and the corresponding number.

Step Five

Drag and drop the MOGRT file (text animation preset) into your sequence.

Tip: You may see a 'Media Offline' banner. That is normal and will disappear within a few moments.

Step Six

Head to the 'Edit' button in the top right and access all available editable settings. You can change font, size, scale, tracking, colour, etc.