Music VideoMolly Warburton - Midnight Hour
Music VideoWesson - Breathing In
Music VideoTom Ball - Creep

Tom Ball - Creep

After his performance on America's Got Talent All Stars, Tom was looking to crate a music video for his cover of 'Creep'.  'Creep' follows the story of a young girl who feels like she doesn't be...

Acoustic Performance VideoBlinding Talent x Molly Warburton - Gravity
Music VideoTeenage Fools - CRUZEJUDE
Editing ServicesTom Ball - The Sound of Silence
Music ShowreelHalo DJ Live
Music VideoWESSON - Made Me Happy
Editing ServicesBlinding Talent - Advert
Music ShowreelFunk It Up
Acoustic Performance VideoBlinding Talent x Gaby K - Everyday
Acoustic Performance VideoBlinding Talent x DRCY- Small Talk
Music ShowreelCharlotte Bartholomew Showreel
Music VideoM E L A N I E - The Hayley Griffiths Band
Music ShowreelQuinn Acoustic Duo - Piano/Voice
Music ShowreelQuinn Acoustic Duo
CorporateDanny's Visit to Ipswich FC

Danny's Visit to Ipswich FC

CREDITS: Created for: Care UK Produced by: Musta Media Filmed & Edited by: Brooker Films

Music ShowreelShowdown Acoustic Duo Promo


For this video, we knew that lighting was going to play a vital role in creating the style and character needed to bring this video to life. We also knew that we wanted to play with silhouettes!

Music VideoElla McCready - What It's Worth
Music VideoCarly Burns- Sweetheart

Carly Burns- Sweetheart

CREDITS: AD: Rory McNerney Filmed and Edited by: Chris Brooker (Brooker Films)

Music VideoMelladaze - I Love Ya

Melladaze - I Love Ya

'I Love Ya' is the latest single from British-Irish girl group; Melladaze. Director Aston Merrygold approached us with the concept and mentioned that the video would set over three main locations...

Music VideoAston Merrygold - How Many Times

Aston Merrygold - How Many Times

CREDITS: Concept by: Aston Merrygold Cinematography, Editing & Animation: Brooker Films

Music VideoWESSON - Stay Or Leave
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